Gereis Law Client Testimonials

- Aaron

"Most attorneys I’ve worked with seem eager to close you on their services by telling you how great your case is and how they will fight for you. Mr. Gereis doesn’t try to sell to you, he tries to help you understand your situation and your options in a professional and down to earth manner."

- Chris

"To be honest I was extremely stressed out as we all are when a legal situation arises. But as soon as I spoke with Henry, he made sure to evaluate the case and assure me that everything is going to be fine and not to worry. He worked really closely with me and made sure all my needs were accommodated. When all was done, he did exactly what he promised and won the case for me. I am so happy with this experience and I always recommend him to friends and will definitely be going back if something else happens. Thanks again Henry."

- Mr.Ronald M. Supancic Esq. Certified Family Law Specialist

"Henry Gereis is a competent, caring professional that takes his work very seriously. You can count on him to do his very best on your behalf. I highly recommend Henry."

“Make decisions every day that never allow another person to decide that the debt you owe to society for your decisions is your liberty.”

– Henry G. Gereis

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